Semi-Annual Bag Sale

$10 / Bag

Today is our semi-annual bag sale. The first one of 2018! This bag sale will help us clear out our winter clothing and make way for the spring clothing. Shoppers are allowed to stuff a bag with clearance items for a flat $10 fee.

We’ve been conducting this semi-annual bag sale for several years. It’s been very successful for us and our shoppers. It draws many people to the store during this 2 hour event. If you are new to the bag sale don’t be surprised if you show up early and the parking lot is already full with a crowd gathering at the door. Over the past week there have likely been many shoppers visiting the store previewing the clearance items they want. With luck those items haven’t already sold before the bag sale event.

Special invitations were given out to customers who visited the store over the past 2-3 weeks and spent at least $20. Those invitations entitled that person to a discount off the per bag price. We provide this discount is a reward for customer loyalty.

This year the bags are still $10 / bag. The bags used are the bags we use everyday. You are allowed to stuff a bag with clearance items but the items must be contained inside the bag, level at the top. Anything sticking out the top of the bag requires another bag. Today’s bag sale lasts from 5pm to 7pm after normal store hours. We will close a thirty minutes early, at 4:30pm, to prepare the store for the sale.

The amount of items customers can fit into a single bag varies by what the clothing item is and how tightly you can compress the clothing. For example, kids clothes are obviously smaller making it easy to fit several items into the bag while blue jeans would take up a lot more space in the bag and difficult to compress. The savings off of regular retail pricing can be tremendous.

We will also have regularly priced items, not included in the bag sale, on discount as well.

The store will be VERY busy. Remember, be patient and be polite!