Clearance Sale in Progress!

Our winter clearance sale is currently in progress! You can save 50-75% off our already heavily discounted prices on our remaining winter clothing inventory.

Our popular “BAG SALE” is coming up. The bag sale helps us clear out the winter inventory to make room for the spring inventory that our staff has been working hard to prepare. We are doing it slightly differently this year by having the sale during business hours. The sale will be March 2-4, 9am – 5pm. This year bags will be $10 each. For anyone not familiar with our bag sale we allow you to fill a normal shopping bag to the top for just $10. This includes any of the winter clearance items.

The week before the bag sale we always get a lot of browsers. Those are people checking out the inventory to see what’s available. Those browsers plan to come back during the sale and purchase specific items during the bag sale. Unfortunately, a lot of those people find the items they wanted are gone. If you want something buy it before the bag sale. Some of those prices are so heavily discounted that it’s cheaper to buy them before the bag sale anyway.