Funny People

Consignment shoppers are funny people. Many of the¬†shoppers that frequent our store like to share their stories about how they shop, where they shop and when they shop. They like to describe how they get great deals on high end clothing and accessories. Many make the “consignment circuit” of visiting their favorite consignment stores each Saturday.

While many of those shoppers enjoy bragging about the deals they got there are some that consign AND shop. Those are the truly dedicated. They know what to buy and for how much because they know they can make a profit at consignment. I am not talking about buying at yard sales or thrift stores. They wait for the really good deals like when the big box stores will liquidate their brand new merchandise so cheap that it can be purchased and taken to a consignment store and re-sold at a profit. These dedicated buyers know what name brands are more profitable than other brands. Many know what styles are “in” as well. Being “brand new” with tags still on it certainly helps.

Some of these consignors bring their clothing to us when they grow tired of it. They consign the clothing while it is still in like-new condition, but still in style so they earn the maximum profit. Bad consigning technique is leaving clothing in the closet year after year while those items lose value. Even new clothing with tags still depreciate. Not necessarily because of condition but because the styles have changed.

A smaller group of these people are conscious of the resale value of their items when they purchase them. This type of person only buys clothing when it is heavily discounted because they know they can wear it and consign it to receive the same amount they paid for it. That’s like having free clothing.