How to Earn Money at Consignment

Consignment is unpredictable. Clothing fashions change so quickly and fads come and go. With this said it is not uncommon to have many things that don’t sell well. What sold well last month may not sell well this month. What was hot last week may be obsolete this week. Sizes make a big difference as well as brands. Maybe the size you brought in was not in demand, the color was faded or it could have shrunk when you washed it? Whatever the reason consignment is a hit and miss business.

We do our best to accept items we believe will sell but we have no way of positively knowing if they will sell or not. It all depends on the person walking through the door…. what are they looking for? Do we have that size, color, and style? Is the price what they are willing to pay?

We try our best to sell all items but if that were possible there wouldn’t be business terms like “inventory turnover”. There are consignors who will make lots of money on their items and then there are others who won’t make much at all. Don’t despair though! Just follow the guidelines and suggestions below to see if it makes a difference in your items selling.

  • Make sure your items are spotless! Don’t bring in items that have any flaw whatsoever on them. This means also to make sure that all zippers and buttons are in working order and that there are no odors whatsoever.
  • Bring in your items unwrinkled and on hangers. Consignors that bring in items ready to go onto the sales floor are our favorite consignors. If your items are brought to us wrinkled we have to steam the wrinkles out. This is very time consuming. It is proven that wrinkled clothing items are much less likely to sell than unwrinkled clothing.
  • Items should be less than 2 – 3 years old. The newer the item the better it will sell and it will sell for more money!

Have realistic expectations! While we try to mark all items at a reasonable price sometimes they won’t sell until they are put on clearance. Many buyers want items that are on sale even if the price is already low. So you say you paid $50 for that shirt? Well, unfortunately Jane Doe doesn’t feel it would be worth the $20 we put on it but she might buy it when it goes on sale for $10. Remember…. most people shopping consignment are looking for a bargain!

Happy Consigning and remember… we do all we can to sell your items but ultimately it’s up to the buyer to determine if the item and price meet their needs.