Name Brands Make the Difference

Did you know you can buy Gap jeans at Wally World? I didn’t know that. A shopper recently insisted the exact same pair of Gap jeans she was holding could be purchased at Wally World for half of what we had them priced at.

The truth is Gap jeans can only be purchased at Gap stores. Wally World doesn’t sell Gap jeans. And our price was half of what new Gap jeans sell for… at Gap. If you’re going to compare jeans make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

Brands make the difference in consignment store pricing. This knowledge is what makes consignment shoppers good shoppers. Consignment shoppers tend to know the name brands. They know the difference in quality, price, styles, sizes, etc. between jeans sold at discount stores and name brand stores.

This actually points to an advantage of having a consignment store near you. Paducah doesn’t have many of the name brand stores that are available in Nashville, Evansville or St Louis. Heck, you could even apply this to Carbondale and Clarksville.  Paducah may not have those brands in a free standing retail store or the mall but we likely do have name brands not available in local retail stores. Rather than travel an hour or more for name brand clothing try driving just a few minutes across town to Trendy Repeats.

If you’ve visited the Kentucky Oaks Mall lately you’ll notice a significant increase in the number of vacant storefronts. There is one major anchor space available, another space will soon be available and talk of a major toy store expected to close soon any day. If you still want the brands available at those store try shopping Trendy Repeats. We’re a local consignment store that has many brand names not available in local retail stores. Plus, you’ll likely find those brands at a cheaper price.