Online Inventory

One of the unique features of our store is the online inventory. Our website has an “Inventory” link across the top menu that allows website guests to view what we call “Just In Items“. This page displays a list of items that have been processed and made available for purchase.

We redesigned our website in late 2016. As part of the redesign the “Just In Items” was changed to group items by category whereas they were previously ordered by size and price. When viewing the page now it will display the categories in alphabetical order such as “Big Men”, “Boys”, “Girls”, “Girls Plus”, “Juniors”, “Men”, “Women”, etc.. This grouping makes it much easier for you to find something specific.

The “Just In Items” page also displays the size, color and price of the items. Since these items have just been processed and made available for purchase the price display is our price. Our prices are typically 25% to 50% of the new item price. Prices are slowly discounted from the price you see here. Approximately every 30 days the item is discounted even further. Typical discounts are 10%, then 25%, then 50%, then 75% and eventually 90%. These discounts do not apply to white tag items like wedding dresses, formal wear, furniture, etc..

Photos of items are often made available on this page as well. Taking photos of items if a VERY time consuming process so we cannot take photos or every item. If a photo is available for an item there will be a thumbnail to the far left of the item description.

We invite our customers to review the “Just In Items” page frequently to ensure you get first dibs at an item. Although we post photos of items on our Facebook page we cannot post every single item. Our Facebook page allows us to easily post photos of a few new items but the “Just In Items” page has a complete list of those new items.

Our store associates often take “wish lists” from shoppers who are in need of a particular item. In the near future we may include a notification feature that will notify you when an item has been processed that matches your wish list. If this is a feature you’d be interested in please let us know by sending us a message through the website.