Prom Shoppers

We see prom shoppers all year round. We always know a serious prom shopper when a parent accompanies the young lady. This is the time of year when we see more girls shopping months in advance looking for that perfect dress.

Prom shopping should a memorable event similar to the big night itself. Unfortunately, for many parents, the cost of the dress is a dreaded expense. Nice dresses at many dress shops can cost upwards of $500. That’s a big expense that cuts into a parent’s pocket book pretty deep.

Most girls want a brand new prom dress. Who wouldn’t want a new dress. But who wants to spend hundreds of dollars for an event that only lasts, maybe, a couple of hours. Everyone knows the resale value of that dress plummets after it’s left the dress store.¬†Parents must find a balance between finding their daughter’s dream dress with an affordable price.

Here are some considerations to shopping for a used, “only worn once” prom dress:

  • Price – Used dresses that are in perfect condition are well worth the time searching for that perfect dress. We often tell girls to spend the money you saved on other items that help make prom night even more memorable. Our dress prices are about 20% – 50% of what someone paid that dreaded new price.
  • Condition – Used dresses may have already been altered to fit, enhance the appearance or fix manufacturer flaws. For this reason it’s important to look at dresses above and below your actual clothing size because tag size means nothing when they have been altered.
  • Open Mind – Always shop with an open mind and be open to try on different styles and colors. Many girls leave the store with a dress which is the total opposite of what they thought they wanted.
  • Shoes – It is highly recommended that you bring the shoes you are wanting to wear with the dress or in the least one of equivalent height you will be wearing. It is also best to bring any strapless bras or spanx with you when you are shopping because proper fit is important and trying on items without these will make the dress fit different than with them.