Rejected Clothing

When our consignors bring items to the store for consignment they write their contact information down on a form attached to a clipboard we keep at the counter. The form helps us keep track of items that are brought in. Those items are usually processed within a few days.

During processing our staff reviews each item. The items must be in good condition to resale. The following is a typical list of reasons that clothing may be rejected.

  1. Strayed Threads, Pulled Seams or Loose Hems – Many people tend to ignore these items and don’t think anything about them, however, no one wants to purchase clothing that has these problems. Before bringing your items to the store check for strayed threads, pulled seams or loose hems. Most often a pair of scissors can be used to fix these problems.
  2. Broken Zippers and Missing Buttons – No one wants to purchase clothing that doesn’t work. Broken zippers can be repaired but not easily. Missing buttons can be fixed with relative ease if you have a matching button. Many shorts have a spare button sown into the bottom inside of the shirt. Clothing items with broken zippers and missing buttons will be rejected.
  3. Stains – Ever go to the mall and buy new clothing with stains? No? Me neither. No one wants to buy clothing, new or used, with stains.
  4. Worn Out Fabric – Often times we see clothing that is worn between the thighs, under the arms or around the neckline. Sometimes clothing that is faded. Screenprints are cracked. Sometimes clothing may have those pesky balls of tangled fibers that are hard to remove. Some people say you can remove those with a disposable razor or fabric shaver.
  5. Stretched or Shrank Clothing – Ever wash a 100% cotton shirt in hot water? It shrinks doesn’t it? A size large, shrunken shirt can no longer be worn by someone who wears large shirts. Shrunk clothing can be difficult to spot by our processing team. If it gets past processing and is placed on the sales floor for sale odds are a buyer will notice it’s shrunken and won’t buy it.
  6. Yard Sale Stickers – If you previously tried to sell your items at a yard sale and brought us the items that didn’t sell with yard sale stickers still attached we’ll likely return those items to you. Please take the yard sale stickers off the items before bringing them to us. If we spot a yard sale sticker the item will be rejected.

At our store we do our best to be transparent about what we accept. For that reason we require our consignors to pickup the items we don’t accept. When you pickup these items you learn why we don’t accept them. You learn to spot problems better. Besides knowing what to look for its important to have enough lighting to see stains in the clothing items. Lighting is very important when we process a consignors items.

Back to the transparency. Many stores donate or dispose of items that they don’t accept. You don’t receive a list or count of what was accepted or donated. You assume they accepted everything. You expect to receive some sort of payment for everything you brought in… because you assume they accepted everything for resale. When you don’t receive some amount of payment for those items you naturally become suspicious. We try to avoid this potential pitfall by having you pickup the items we don’t accept for resale.