Thrift versus Consignment

We have many types of individuals visit our store each day. Sometimes these customers make comments regarding our store being a “thrift” store. Those of us in the resale business get a little aggravated when we hear that.

Thrift and consignment are similar but different. They are similar because both are types of resale stores. That is, stores that sell used items.

Thrift Stores

  • Thrift is typically a business type where the inventory is¬†donated items.
  • While most thrift stores are non-profit (or associated with a non-profit organization) there are some “for profit” thrift stores but they are less common. The thrift stores that operate as a non-profit organization will typically offer the individual donating items a receipt for use on their tax return.
  • The quality of items donated varies greatly. It’s unfortunate that many people tend to use thrift stores as their dump. For that reason, many thrift stores have associations with recycling companies so they can earn a small profit from the “junk” they receive.
  • Many thrift stores sell items for a flat fee meaning the brands of the items are not considered.

Consignment Stores

  • Inventory is not donated, it is consigned meaning the owners expect payment for their items after they are sold.
  • Most consignment stores are typically “for profit” stores.
  • When a “consignor” brings items to the store to consign the staff has a process they perform to ensure items meet the desired quality so they can be resold at a sufficient price. Store reputation is a consideration as well. No resale store wants to be known as a “junk store”.

There are many consignment stores in the western Kentucky area. Each store has it’s own policies and procedures that are similar to the other stores. But no two stores are exactly alike. Each store has it’s own clientele and experiences that are used to produce their own policies and procedures.

At Trendy Repeats, we accept good, clean items on consignment Monday-Saturday from 9:15am to 4:30pm. We have a written agreement that explains how we do business. Call or stop by to see the store, see our inventory and talk with our staff. We’d be happy to help you.