We admit it. We’re picky!

Alright, we admit it. We’re picky about what we accept for consignment. But it’s because our customers like it that way.

Each day we process hundreds of pieces of clothing. Our staff examines each item one at a time looking for tears, rips, excessive wear, odors and stains. If the item is relatively new and in good condition then the item is processed further where it will be placed into the database, receive a price tag and be placed on the floor for sale.

Sounds simple, right? It’s not. It’s VERY time consuming. Many items require research to determine their worth. Research is time consuming. Ever been to the Salvation Army or Goodwill? Most of their clothing has a flat price. Any brand of jeans is $4. Any brand shirt is $3. Our consignors wouldn’t appreciate us putting $4 on their Miss Me jeans and then receive 40% of the sale price. For this reason we put a price appropriate for each item… typically about 25%-50% of the item’s new price. This requires our staff to be knowledgeable in clothing prices or do a little research. The Salvation Army and Goodwill, they’ve got it easy. A flat price for everything. They can do that because they don’t split their proceeds with anyone.

There’s certainly no shortage of used clothing. Every day another person, or two, or three, or four, open an account to consign clothing. Our written policies explain that we have high standards when it comes to what items we accept.  We verbally explain to our consignors and in our written policies that clothing items should be freshly washed and free of the stains, tears, excessive wear, rips and odors. We do occasionally miss a stain or tear on an item but that can’t be helped. We are only human. However, any item that knowingly fails the “condition” test is not accepted for consignment. For accountability purposes, we return any clothing we do not accept for consignment.

Some consignors have a problem with cigarette odor in their clothing. If the consignor smokes then they likely can’t smell the cigarette smoke. They are “odor blind” as the TV commercial says. We need our staff able to smell odors, including cigarette smoke. We don’t allow smoking at the store by any of our staff.  No smoke breaks. Period. This is made clear during hiring. We need our staff’s noses able to detect odors like cigarette smoke. We can’t sell stinky clothing and we certainly don’t want it making the other clothing stinky too.

Part of our commitment to quality clothing is steaming. Our employees steam clothing nearly every day. When you visit our store you’ll likely see someone steaming a rack full of clothing. We do this to make the clothing more presentable and earn bigger payouts for our consignors. No one wants to buy wrinkled clothing.

Our customers visit our store to purchase good, new or used clothing at a good price. For that reason we have to be very picky at what we accept for consignment.