Winter Season

It’s hard to imagine since it hasn’t gotten really cold yet but consignors have 1 month left to bring in winter clothing for consignment. Many people will tell us it’s too soon to start talking about winter clearances and to bring in spring clothing. Yes, it is too early for spring clothing but in the clothing business we have to plan ahead.

Our consignors have until December 30 to bring in winter clothing. This is the absolute last day we will accept winter clothing this season. For best results you should bring your winter clothing in much sooner. When you bring your winter clothing in near the beginning of the winter season your items will receive the most time on our sales floor. The more time available means the more you’ll likely receive in your account.

Consignors that bring in their winter clothing at the end of the season will see their winter clothing be placed into the clearance sales after a short time of being on the sales floor. This means your items likely won’t sell for full price.

A unique service we offer, for free, is we will store your off-season items in our warehouse. Even right now we have loads of spring merchandise our consignors have brought us for the spring season. Our standard policies apply, items must be in totes with lids or on hangers. Don’t have hangers? Ask us for hangers. We have bunches of them! After we’ve completed processing the winter clothing in early January we’ll start processing the spring clothing.