This list displays items that were put on the store floor within the past 3 days.

TIP: The abbreviation "NWT" means "new with tag".



NWT Winnie Pooh Slipper SOne SizeBlack/bl$2.99
EM Infinity ScarfNoneBlack/wh$3.99
Fashion ScarfNoneTeal$3.99
Caboodles CaseNoneBlack/go$9.99
Spartina Tote BagNoneNavy/whi$9.99
Weimebaige Tote BagNoneDark Bro$9.99
Mossimo Back PackNoneIvory/bl$9.99

Baby Items

NWT Mam PacifiersToddlerNone$3.49
NWT Just Swaddled Blanket0/3 MoMulti$5.99
Carseat CanopyNoneBlue/whi$9.99
Boppy PillowNoneAnimals$14.99
Chicco Baby CarrierNoneBlack/gr$14.99
Color Flatscreen Video MoNoneNone$24.99


Refelctions From A MotherNoneNone$3.99


Just One You Sleeper9 MoBlue/whi$2.99
Wonder Nation Pajamas18 MoDinsoaur$3.49
Carters Sleeper9 MoGray$3.99
Old Navy Shirt10/12Black/na$4.49
Crazy 8 Shirt10/12Navy$4.49
Old Navy Shirt10/12Green$4.49
Athletic Works Pants10/12Navy$4.49
Wonder Nation Pants10/12Navy$4.49
Crazy 8 Shirt10/12Gray$4.49
Jurassic World Shirt14/16Gray/gre$4.49
Child Of Mine Sleeper0-9 MoWhite/gr$4.49
Carters SleeperOne SizeMint$4.49
H&M Shirt12/18 MoRed/blac$4.99
H&M Pants12/18 MoCamel$4.99
H&M Pants12/18 MoGreen$4.99
Urban Pipeline ShirtMedGray/gre$5.99
Marvel ShirtMedBlue$5.99
Russell Pants10/12Black$5.99
Gymboree Shirt12Wine$5.99
Arizona Thermal ShirtMedOrange$5.99
Place Polo10/12White/re$5.99
Urban Pipeline ShirtLargeGray/nav$5.99
Wrangler Shirt10/12Blue Pla$5.99
Buffalo ShirtMedNavy/tan$5.99
Buffalo ShirtMedNavy/red$5.99
Buffalo ShirtMedRed/navy$5.99
Carters Jeans7Denim$5.99
& Denim Jeans12/18 MoDenim$5.99
Place Jeans24 MoDenim$5.99
Under Armour ShirtYouth LargCamo$6.99
Russell Jacket10/12Blue/bla$6.99
Gymboree Shirt10/12Navy$6.99
Gap Jeans18/24 MoDenim$6.99
Gap Kids Shirt14/16Gray$6.99
Abercrombie Kids HenleyLargeOlive$6.99
Abercrombie Kids Henley14Magenta$6.99
Place Sweater14Gray$6.99
Place Sweater14Tan$6.99
Abercrombie Kids Sweater14Navy$6.99
Place Shirt14White$6.99
Place Shirt14Blue$6.99
Abercrombie ShirtXLBlue/whi$7.99
Little Me Pant Set9 MoGray/whi$7.99
Gymboree Rain Jacket12/14Dinosaur$14.99

Boys Shoes

Crazy 8 Shoes9Gray$4.99

Designer Jeans

Miss Me29 WaistDenim$24.99

Electronic Toys

Electronic CubeNoneNone$4.49


Glass Tv StandNoneNone$49.99


Man Bites DogNoneNone$2.99
Men Are From MarsNoneNone$4.99
Mind TrapNoneNone$4.99
Monopoly MillionaireNoneNone$5.99
You Just Became A MillionNoneNone$5.99
Electronic Life GameNoneNone$6.99
Twister Dance DVDNoneNone$9.99
In A PickleNoneNone$9.99
Electronic Chess SetNoneNone$13.99


No Kidding Bodysuit3tWhite$3.49
Okie Dokie Shirt3tGreen/na$4.49
Old Navy Shirt3tGray$4.49
Greendog Shirt3/3TGray/pin$4.49
Okie Dokie Shirt3tPurple$4.49
Place Bodysuit3tBlack$4.49
Hello Kitty Pajamas10/12Pink/pur$4.49
Carters Tunic3tBlack/wh$4.99
Baby Crew Overalls3tRed$4.99
Kate & Mack Jacket3tPink/blu$4.99
Place Shirt3tPurple F$4.99
Jumping Beans Shirt3tPink$4.99
Okie Dokie Shirt3tPink$4.99
Vitamins Kids Shirt3tPink$4.99
Angry Birds Sleep Shirt10Red/blac$4.99
Place Shirt10/12Gray$4.99
Disney Shirt7/8Red$4.99
Tiara ShirtMedRed$4.99
Tiara ShirtMedRed$4.99
Old Navy Shirt8Charcoal$4.99
Crazy 8 Shirt10/12Navy$4.99
Crazy 8 Shirt7/8Beige$4.99
Old Navy Shirt6/7Gray$4.99
NWT Old Navy ShirtMedGray Hea$4.99
NWT Old Navy Shirt8Blue/gra$4.99
NWT Old Navy Shirt8Gray/tea$4.99
Emoji Sleeper7/8Pink$4.99
Gymboree Leggings3tGreen/pi$5.99
Osh Kosh Overalls3/3tPink$5.99
Disney Princess Jacket3tPink$5.99
Old Navy Jacket3tOrange/p$5.99
Gymboree Shirt3tPink$5.99
Old Navy ShirtSmallPurple F$5.99
Lolly Wolley Ruffled Legg7Pink/bro$5.99
Old Navy Active Pants6/7Blue/bla$5.99
Gap Kids Thermal Shirt10Blue/gre$5.99
Copper Key Shirt10/12Red$5.99
Old Navy Jacket10/12Hearts$5.99
Croft & Barrow ShirtXLBlack/pi$5.99
Old Navy Sweater10/12Pink$5.99
Gap Kids Shirt10Purple/n$5.99
Copper Key Shirt10/12Red$5.99
Mudd Girls Shirt10Yellow/m$5.99
Copper Key Shirt10Green$5.99
Old Navy Sweater10/12Purple$5.99
Old Navy Pants8Black$5.99
Total Girl Yoga Pants7/8Black$5.99
Gymboee Leggings7/8Blue$5.99
Gymboee Leggings7/8Blue$5.99
NWT Crazy 8 Leggings10/12Ivory$5.99
Old Navy Sweater16Pink$5.99
Arizona Jeans10Denim$5.99
Jordache Jeans4 SlimTan$5.99
Justice Sweater12Purple/g$6.99
Old Navy HoodieLargePerwinkl$6.99
Place Jeans10Denim$6.99
NWT Little Me SleeperPreemieFloral$6.99
Gymboree Sweater3Green$7.99
Gap Kids Hoodie8Light Pi$7.99
GB Girls ShirtLargeTeal$7.99
Gap Kids Sweater12Turquois$7.99
Justice Sweater10Dark Red$7.99
Old Navy JacketLargeLight Bl$7.99
Old Navy Sweater DressSmallGray$7.99
Wishful Park JacketMedWhite/mu$7.99
Gymboree Pants12Pink$7.99
Gymboree Jeans10Denim$7.99
Chaps Pants8Tan$7.99
NWT Place Jeans10Denim$7.99
Justice Premium Jeans16Denim$7.99
Old Navy JacketLargeDenim$9.99
Emily Rose Pant Set8Red/blac$9.99
Emily Rose Pant Set8Red/blac$9.99
Gymboree Dress8Perwinkl$9.99
Old Navy DressMedWine$9.99
Gymboree Dress8Pink$9.99
Old Navy JacketSmallBlack$9.99
Arizona Sweater Dress10/12Black/si$9.99
Limited Too Jacket12Denim$9.99
Gymboree Dress7/8Blue/pur$9.99
Gymboree Dress7/8Blue/pin$9.99
Gymboree Dress7/8Blue/pin$9.99
Gymboree Dress7/8Navy/pin$9.99
Crazy 8 Jacket10/12Beige/go$9.99
Trolls Dress10/12Navy$9.99
Old Navy Fleece JacketLargePurple$9.99
Pistachio Reversible Coat3tLeopard$11.99
Sophie Rose Dress Set3tSky Blue$11.99
Nike Jacket10/12Black/pu$11.99
Mud Pie Dres10/12Pink$11.99
Boden Sweater12Green$11.99
Lands End Dress10Dark Pur$11.99
Justice Jacket18/20Neon$11.99
What A Doll Dress7/8Black/re$13.99
Zero Xposure Overalls3tPink$14.99
Bonnie Jean Dress10Black/re$14.99

Girls Plus

Justice Active Hoodie22 PlusTurquois$6.99
Justice Hoodie20 PlusPink/whi$6.99
Justice Hoodie20 PlusBrown/wh$6.99
Justice Dress22 PlusPink Spa$11.99

Girls Shoes

Minnie Mouse Slippers5/6Pink$3.49
Minnie Slippers5/6Dark Pin$3.49
Faded Glory Boots7Brown$4.99
Skechers Tennis Shoes3Gray/blu$9.99
NWT Piper Shoes1Black Pa$9.99

Home Decor

Heirloom Photo Frame8x10Gold$2.49
Photo Frame3x5Gold$3.49
Collage Photo FrameNoneBlack$3.49
Photo FrameNoneNone$3.49
Metal Wall HangingNoneLight Te$3.99
Metal Wall HangingNoneLight Te$3.99
Photo Frame8x10Gold$4.49
Lil Man Cave SignNoneNone$4.99
Wood PlanterNoneBrown$4.99
Wood PlanterNoneBrown$4.99
Bath MatNoneSeafoam$4.99
Bath MatNoneSeafoam$4.99
Bath MatNoneSeafoam$4.99
Dog Love Wall HangingNoneNone$5.99
Ball Mason Jars SetSet Of 4White$5.99
Wish Came True Wall HangiNoneNone$5.99
Lamentations Canvas PrintNoneNone$5.99
Decorative Tea KettleNoneNone$5.99
Horse With Foal FigurineNoneBrown$9.99
Basket With HandleNoneDistress$9.99
Photo CollageNoneGrandchi$9.99
Bath MatNoneGreen$9.99
NWT Round BasketNoneBrown$9.99
NWT Round BasketNoneBrown$9.99
Amcal ChalkboardNoneNone$9.99
Decorative Box With CandlNoneBrown$9.99
Decorative Wood FloralNoneNone$9.99
Life Is Fragile Framed PrNoneNone$9.99
Hearts Metal HangingNoneRust$9.99
Framed Dress PrintNoneGray/pur$9.99
Elements Throw Rug30x48Teal/gra$11.99
Cow Girl Kitchen PlaqueNoneIvory/re$11.99
Bless Us Framed PrintNoneWine/bro$11.99
Crossing Bridge Canvas PrNoneNone$11.99
Canvas Floral PrintNoneBlack/re$11.99
Canvas Floral PrintNoneBlack/re$11.99
Two People Fell In Love PNoneNone$11.99
Metal Wall ArtNoneIvory$11.99
And He Shall Be Called HaNoneNone$11.99
Amazing Grace Wall PlaqueNoneNone$11.99
Home Interiors Framed PicNoneGrace$11.99
Mirrored Leaf Wall HangerNoneSilver$14.99


LeggingsOne SizeRed$3.49
New Mix LeggingsOne SizeBlue$4.49
Freedom ShirtXLWhite/bl$5.99
Hollister LeggingsLargeGray$5.99
Charlotte Russe TopMedTan$5.99
LEI Jeans9Black$7.99
Hydraulic Jeans3/4Denim$7.99
Twenty One Black Jeans5/6Denim$7.99
Refuge Jeans3 LongDenim$7.99
Hollister SweaterMedSky Blue$7.99
Guess Jeans29 WaistDenim$8.99
Aeropostale HoodieXLBrown$9.99
Aeropostale HoodieXLOrange$9.99
Hollister Zipper HoodieLargeBlue$9.99
AB Studio Sweater DressXLCahrcoal$11.99
Daytrip Jeans26 WaistDenim$14.99


Maidenform Bra34 CBrown$5.99


Indigo Blue JeansMed LongDenim$7.99


C2 Sport ShirtMedRed$5.99
Gildan ShirtSmallBlack/bl$5.99
Lands End SweaterXL TallGray$7.99
LL Bean Fleece PulloverLargeRed$9.99
XMI Signature ShirtMedNavy/pur$14.99
Columbia Fleece PulloverXLDark Gre$14.99

Men Accessories

NWT Livin Country CapsNoneOrange$9.99
NWT Livin Country CapsNoneOrange$9.99
NWT Livin Country CapsNoneOrange$9.99

Misc Items

Mickey Christmas EarsNoneRed/blac$3.49
Mickey Christmas EarsNoneRed/blac$3.49
Mickey Christmas EarsNoneRed/blac$3.49
Mickey Christmas EarsNoneRed/blac$3.49
NWTwonder Hanger MaxNoneNone$4.99
Jewelry TreeNoneBlack$9.99


Delta TeeMedGray$4.99
Old Navy ShirtXLPurple/o$5.99
Sonoma ShirtXLGray/gre$5.99
Gap ShirtLargeDark Blu$5.99
Chaps ShirtXLNavy/whi$5.99
Marshalls TeeLargeGray/blu$5.99
Cato ShirtMedTan$5.99
Casual Corner ShirtMedWhite/ta$5.99
Tan Jay ShirtSmallTurquois$5.99
M Fasis ShirtMedBlack/gr$5.99
Old Navy ShirtMedNavy/fus$5.99
Gildan TeeMedBlack$5.99
Win Win TunicL/XLGreen/wh$6.99
Cezanne TopLargeMulti$6.99
Lee Riders Jeans6Denim$6.99
Style & Co ShirtMedIvory$6.99
Nine West Collection ShirSmallSky Blue$6.99
Zenana Premium ShirtMedPurple/w$6.99
Big Ball Sports Thermal SMedRed$6.99
Big Ball Sports Thermal SXLRed$6.99
Southern Chics TeeSmallLime$6.99
Old Navy Luxe TopLargeBlack/iv$6.99
Old Navy ShirtLargeBlack$6.99
Old Navy ShirtLargeGrape$6.99
Croft & Barrow ShirtXLNavy/red$6.99
Sonoma SewaterXLGray$6.99
Mauve TopXLNude$6.99
Old Navy ShirtMedBlue/pin$6.99
Issi ShirtMedBlack$6.99
Old Navy TopMedPink$6.99
Old Navy TopMedNavy$6.99
Sonoma SweaterXLPurple$7.99
Sonoma SweaterLargeRust$7.99
Style & Co SweaterLargePurple/b$7.99
The Limited SweaterXSOrange S$7.99
Chaps SweaterXLDark Bro$7.99
Judith March ShirtSmallCoral$7.99
Chaps Cardigan SweaterLargeIvory/gr$7.99
Levis Superlow Jeans8Denim$7.99
Levis Modern Skinny Jeans6Denim$7.99
Levis Mid Rise Skinny Jea8Denim$7.99
Chicos By Zenergy Shirt1White$7.99
Victorias Secret ShirtMedNavy$7.99
Willi Smith Jeans12Brown$7.99
Chicos Travelers Shirt2Celery$7.99
Christopher & Banks SweatXLTan$7.99
Christopher & Banks ShirtXLBlue/red$7.99
Christopher & Banks SweatXLDark Red$7.99
Christopher & Banks SweatXLGray$7.99
Christopher & Banks Jeans14Denim$7.99
Christopher & Banks PantsLargeNavy$7.99
Above Sea Level SweatshirLargeSlate Bl$7.99
Twenty Second SweaterMedBlack$7.99
Hooded JacketSmallBlack$7.99
J Crew SweatshirtSmallLeopard$7.99
Gap PantsSmallBlue$7.99
Old Navy SweaterXSRust$7.99
Pink Yoga PantsMedBlack/pi$8.99
Pink ShirtMedGray$8.99
American Eagle SweaterMedTan$8.99
Christopher & Banks Jeans14Brown$8.99
Talbots SweaterSmallSunflowe$8.99
Hinge SweaterSmallTan$8.99
Mossy Oak HoodieLargePink$9.99
NWT Ruffle Girl TopSmallPeacock$9.99
Victorias Secret BlouseMedSandston$9.99
Talbots ShirtLargeDenim$9.99
White House Black Market6Denim$9.99
White House Black Market6Denim$9.99
Coldwater Creek ShirtSmallPurple$9.99
Coldwater Creek ShirtSmallDark Pur$9.99
Coldwater Creek ShirtSmallBlue$9.99
Talbots SweaterMedLight Gr$9.99
NWT Old Navy LeggingsSmallDark Gra$9.99
Chicos Top2Purple$9.99
NWT Old Navy ShirtLargeBlack/wh$9.99
Croft & Barrow SweaterXLBlue$9.99
Reversible VestLargeTan$9.99
Croft & Barrow VestXLGray$9.99
Live Love Lounge SweaterXLGray$9.99
Christopher & Banks SweatXLBlue/mul$9.99
Christopher & Banks SweatXLMulti$9.99
Talbots TopXSDark Gre$9.99
Loft SweaterSmallGreen$9.99
Ann Taylor SweaterSmallCeledrin$9.99
Talbots SweaterXSYellow$9.99
Talbots SweaterSmallBurnt Or$9.99
Loft SweaterXSGray/pin$9.99
STS Blue Jeans28 WaistDenim$9.99
Ann Taylor Jeans4Denim$9.99
Talbots SweaterXSBlue/whi$9.99
Ann Taylor SweaterSmallWheat$9.99
Chicos Sweater0Dark Gre$9.99
Loft SweaterXXSBlue Tea$9.99
Cato Dress10Red$11.99
Liz Claiborne VestLargeBlack$11.99
Old Navy VestXLMagenta$11.99
NWT Old Navy ShirtLarge TallRed Plai$11.99
American Eagle Jeans4 LongDenim$11.99
NWT Old Navy Rockstar Jea12 TallDenim$11.99
NWT Old Navy Rockstar Jea12 TallBlack$11.99
The North Face HoodieMedGreen$13.99
Coldwater Creek Dress6Black/ta$14.99
Sharade Nites Dress10Silver/b$14.99
The Limited DressSmallRoyal Bl$14.99
The Limited JacketLargeOrange$14.99
Sweet Lovely DressLargeWhite/fl$14.99
Chicos So Slimming Jeans2.5Denim$14.99
Mary Baton Tunic DressLargeGray/ora$16.99
Lucky Jeans6Denim$16.99
Positive Attitude Dress6Rose$19.99
Matilda Jane SweaterMedTeal$19.99
Christopher & Banks JackeLargeDenim$19.99
Citi Dress8Black Sp$24.99
NWT Jones New York Dress10Black$29.99
NWT Danny & Nicole Dress8Ivory/bl$29.99
Lauren Dress6Navy$29.99
Lauren Dress14Gold$29.99
Talbots Dress10Black/wh$29.99
NWT Jessica Howard Skirt12Chamomil$34.99
NWT Maggy London Skirt Se12Morning$49.99
NWT Antonio Melani Dress14Black/iv$49.99

Misses Athletic

Old Navy Active Sports BrLargePink$5.99
Stdaium Athletics ShirtMedRed$6.99
Nike Dri Fit ShirtMedGray$7.99
Ikonik JacketMedNavyblue$7.99
Old Navy Active JacketSmallNavy/bla$8.99

Misses Petites

Talbots Petites ShirtMed PetiteWhite/iv$5.99
Ruby Rd ShirtLarge PetiBlue/yel$6.99
BLEU ShirtSmall PetiBlue/bro$6.99
Chicos Top0 PetiteCamel$9.99
Talbots SweaterSmall PetiSunflowe$9.99
Talbots SweaterMed PetiteTan$9.99
NWT Briggs Pants6 PetiteBlack$14.99
SL Fashions Dress Set4 PetiteBrown Sh$29.99

Pet Items

UK JerseyNoneBlue/whi$3.99


Green Town TopMedBlue Spi$6.99
WS Gear TopLargeMulti$6.99
Koi TopXSGray/bro$7.99
Greys Anatomy TopXSYellow/b$7.99
Jockey TopLargeBlack$7.99
WS TopSmallHallowee$8.99

Special Occasio

Beaded TopLargeBlack$14.99
Jump Dress3/4Black/re$19.99
Love Teeze DressSmallPurple$19.99
Teeze Me Formal3Champagn$24.99
NWT The Limited Dress0Black$29.99
City Studio Dress5Black/gr$59.99
Mori Lee 2 Pc Formal7/8Navy$74.99
Prom Vienna Dress10Ivory$99.99
Sherri Hill Dress6Blue Seq$129.99
Mori Lee Dress2Multi$149.99
Sherri Hill Formal2White/mu$199.99


Darth VaderNoneNone$4.99
Mini LockerNonePink Fuz$9.99

Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley Glass CaseNonePink/tan$4.99
Vera Bradley CrossbodyNonePurple F$19.99
Vera Bradley CrossbodyNoneGreen Fl$19.99
Vera Bradley BackpackNoneBlue Flo$29.99

Wedding Gown

NWT Davids Bridal Gown16White$243.99

Women Plus

White Stag Shirt2xTan$4.49
Time & Tru SweaterXXLNavy/whi$5.99
Cato Top18/20 WGreen/go$6.99
Apostrophe Woman Shirt16-18 WBlack/wh$6.99
Chaps Henley1xBeige/bl$6.99
Woman Within Shirt18/20Black/fl$6.99
Perceptions Skirt Set16Gray/sil$24.99
Croft & Barrow Coat1xDark Bro$29.99
Lula Roe Dress3xBrown$29.99

Women Plus Athl

Danskin Now Sweatshirt2xGray Hea$5.99

Women Shoes

St Johns Bay Shirt7Gray/mul$6.99
Earth Origins Shoes8Brown$11.99
Asics Tennis Shoes10Multi$29.99
Justin Boots8 BBrown$49.99

Young Men

Hollister ShirtMedBlue$6.99
Hollister ShirtMedNavy/whi$6.99
Hollister ShirtLargeBlue/whi$6.99