This list displays items that were put on the store floor within the past 3 days.

TIP: The abbreviation "NWT" means "new with tag".



Romper6/9 MoNavy$1.99
Child Of Mine Shirt3/6 MoGray$2.49
First Impressions Romper6/9 MoMonkey P$2.49
Precious Firsts Creeper3 MoGreen St$2.99
NWT Wonder Nation Shirt8Coral Cl$3.49
Athletic Works Shirt5tBurgundy$3.49
Wonderkids Shorts4tGray$3.49
Child Of Mine Tank Top3/6 MoBlue/ora$3.49
Baby Aspen Shirt0/6 MoWhite/bl$3.49
Circo Shorts3 MoNavy$3.49
Kidgets Shirt12 MoBlue$3.49
Graphic Tee12 MoNavy$3.49
Carters Shirt12 MoBlue$3.49
Okie Dokie Shirt12 MoOrange$3.49
Carters Shirt12 MoOrange$3.49
Athletic Works Shorts4/5Black$3.49
Ecko Shirt9 MoYellow$3.49
Lamaze Romper6/9 MoWhite$3.49
Cat & Jack Shirt6/7Blue$3.99
Starting Out Shirt3 MoMonkey$3.99
Carters Shirt3 MoNavy/cra$3.99
Crazy 8 Shirt3/6 MoOrange$3.99
Absorba Shirt3 MoGreen/he$3.99
Old Navy Swimtrunks3/6 MoBrown/wh$3.99
Sesame Street Swimtrunks3tElmo$3.99
Central Romper6 MoBlack$3.99
Carters Swimshirt3tGreen/na$4.49
Carters Shirt4tDark Tea$4.49
Carters Shirt4tDeep Cor$4.49
NWT Wonder Nation Polo8Plastic$4.49
Op Swimtrunks6/7Blue Pri$4.49
Generation One Shirt5Red/blac$4.49
Gildan TeeXS YouthGray$4.49
Thomas & Friends Shirt4tYellow/o$4.49
Carters Shorts4tBlue Str$4.49
Okie Dokie Romper3 MoBlue$4.49
Carters Shirt3 MoRed$4.49
Child Of Mine Shirt0/3 MoGreen/bl$4.49
Kids Play Shorts0/3 MoDenim$4.49
Kidgets Shorts0/3 MoNavy/red$4.49
Kidgets Shorts0/3 MoGray/pur$4.49
Small Wonders Shorts3/6 MoBlue/red$4.49
Place Tank Top12 MoRed$4.49
Crazy 8 Shirt12-18 MoBrick$4.49
Tad Little Shirt12 MoOrange$4.49
Cat & Jack Shorts7/8Sky Blue$4.49
Cat & Jack Shorts8/10Gray$4.49
Cat & Jack Shorts8/10Navy$4.49
Bugle Boy Shorts4tNavy$4.49
Basic Editions Shorts4/5Gray/gre$4.49
Okie Dokie Shorts4tTan$4.49
Carters Romper3/6 MoBlue/gre$4.49
Disney Pixar Tee4tRed$4.49
George Romper0/3 MoBlue Str$4.49
Naartje Kids Shirt12/18 MoGreen$4.49
Crazy 8 Shirt6/12 MoBlue$4.49
Crazy 8 Shirt6-12 MoYellow/t$4.49
Carters Shirt6 MoDark Cor$4.49
Carters Shirt6 MoNavy$4.49
Koala Kids Polo6/9 MoOrange$4.49
Baby Gap Romper6/12 MoGreen$4.49
Crazy 8 ShirtMedDark Gra$4.49
Arizona Jeans Co Tee8Red$4.99
Old Navy Henley4tGreen$4.99
Jumping Beans Polo4tLight Bl$4.99
Springtime Creations Shor4tBlue/whi$4.99
Place Shirt5/6Charcoal$4.99
Gymboree Shorts3/6 MoNavy$4.99
Place Tee12/18 MoNavy$4.99
Old Navy Tee8Gray$4.99
Carters Tee8Green$4.99
Place Shorts4tOlive/bl$4.99
Old Navy Shorts4tNavy$4.99
Baby Osh Kosh Romper3/6 MoNavy$4.99
Place Shirt5/6Green$4.99
Old Navy Polo5tMulti St$4.99
Route 66 Shirt8Grya/red$4.99
Baby Gap Polo3/6 MoTaupe$4.99
Child Of Mine Short Set0/3 MoGreen St$4.99
Place Shirt10/12Orange/w$4.99
Old Navy Shirt8Green/wh$4.99
Old Navy Shirt8Orange$4.99
Nike Pro CompressionMedGray$5.99
Gymboree Shirt3Orange$5.99
Nike Shorts3tGreen/gr$5.99
Baby Gap Shorts4tNavy$5.99
Place Polo5/6Green/bl$5.99
Class Club Polo4Red$5.99
Crazy 8 Romper With Shoes3/6 MoNavy$5.99
Nike Romper3 MoBlue$5.99
Carters Romper3 MoGray/gre$5.99
Kids Play Short Set0/3 MoOrange/b$5.99
Mudpie Romper0/6 MoGreen/wh$5.99
Carters Short Set0/6 MoWhite/ye$5.99
Carters Romper6 MoNavy$5.99
Calvin Klein Shirt12moBlue$5.99
Cat & Jack Shorts8Tan$5.99
Majestic Tee10/12Gray$5.99
Place Shorts4Brown$5.99
Bugle Boy Polo4Orange/b$5.99
Baby Gap Romper0/3 MoNavy$5.99
Sonoma Polo5/6Blue$5.99
Place Polo5/6Lime/blu$5.99
Sonoma ShirtMedRed/whit$5.99
Making Waves Polo5/6Blue$5.99
First Moments Romper0/3 MoBlue/gre$5.99
Gymboree Romper0/3 MoDark Oli$5.99
Russell Athletic ShirtYouth LargYellow$5.99
Gildan TeeMed YouthGray$5.99
Under Armour ShirtYouth XLGreen/bl$6.99
Carters Swimtrunks & Shir3tGreen/na$6.99
Genuine Merchandise Short6/9 MoNavy$6.99
Adidas Shirt10/12Navy$6.99
Gymboree Shorts4Navy$6.99
Abercrombie Shorts8Navy$7.99


Gerber Onesie3/6 MoLight Pi$1.99
Graphic Tee12 MoBrown/pi$2.49
Disney Baby Shorts3/6 MoWhite/bl$2.49
Gerber Onesie0/3 MoPink$2.99
Batgirl Creeper3/6 MoPink$2.99
Circo Shorts4tDark Ora$3.49
Circo Tank Top4/5White/gr$3.49
Circo Shirt4tOrange$3.49
Old Navy Tank Top12/18 MoPink/ora$3.49
Circo Shirt12 MoPurple$3.99
Old Navy Tank Top12/18 MoPink$3.99
Child Of Mine Romper3/6 MoGreen/wh$3.99
Wonder Woman Creeper0/3 MoRed$3.99
Healthtex Shirt0/3 MoPink/whi$3.99
Carters Shirt6 MoGreen/wh$3.99
Osh Kosh Shorts6 MoNeon Pin$3.99
Crazy 8 Shorts7/8Blue Pol$4.49
Soffe Shorts12/14Orange$4.49
Soffe ShortsYouth LargBlue$4.49
Crazy 8 Shorts7/8Brown$4.49
Jumping Beans Shorts4tNeon Pin$4.49
Cherokee Shorts4/5Pink/yel$4.49
Cherokee Shorts4/5Blue Pla$4.49
Okie Dokie Skort3tMulti$4.49
Hello Kitty Skort3tPink/bla$4.49
Cherokee Capris3tWhite$4.49
Child Of Mine Dress18 MoSky Blue$4.49
Crazy 8 Tank Top7/8Orange$4.49
Crazy 8 Shirt7/8Fuschia$4.49
Starting Out Bodysuit12 MoBlack$4.49
Wishful Park Tank Top7/8Orange/p$4.49
Justice Tank Top16Pink$4.49
Danskin Now Leotard4/5Pink$4.49
Danskin Leotard4/5Pink$4.49
Absorba Top12 MoWhite$4.49
Jumping Beans Skort3tPink$4.49
Jumping Beans Skort3tSky/blue$4.49
Okie Dokie Skort4tGreen$4.49
Lace Skirt3tIvory$4.49
Arizona Shirt7/8Orange$4.49
Place Shirt4Butterfl$4.49
Real Love Shirt2tGreen$4.49
Bongo VestMedRed$4.49
Arizona Shirt7/8Pink$4.49
Apple Bottoms Shirt12 MoPink$4.49
Jumping Beans Shirt18 MoPurple$4.49
Jumping Beans Shirt18 MoFuschia$4.49
Toughskins Top18 MoBrown/bu$4.49
NWT Old Navy Tank Top14Blue Flo$4.49
Old Navy ShirtLargeBrown$4.49
Place Shirt10/12Green$4.49
Old Navy Shirt10/12White/mu$4.49
One Step Up Shirt10/12Gray$4.49
SO Shirt10/12Green$4.49
Arizona Tank Top10/12Green/bl$4.49
Cherokee Romper0/3 MoOrange/p$4.49
Minnie 2 Pc Swimsuit6/9 MoPink$4.49
Little Lass Top6 MoOwl$4.49
Jumping Beans Shorts3 MoNeon Pin$4.49
H&M Shorts6 MoLight Pi$4.49
Soffe Shorts12/14Orchid$4.99
Gymboree Leggings6/12 MoFloral$4.99
Gymboree Shorts7Floral$4.99
Jumping Beans Capris4tPurple/b$4.99
Justice Shirt6Purple/y$4.99
Carters Romper12 MoMulti St$4.99
Carters Romper12 MoOrange/w$4.99
Carters Romper12 MoFloral$4.99
Jumping Beans Tank Top3tGreen He$4.99
Jumping Beans Top5Brown Ho$4.99
Jumping Beans Tank Top5Brown/po$4.99
Crazy 8 Skirt3tPurple$4.99
Crazy 8 Tank Top7/8Red$4.99
Jumping Beans Romper12 MoLight Pi$4.99
Crazy 8 Shirt4Pink/yel$4.99
Op Swimsuit14/16Black/mu$4.99
Bobbyjack ShirtMedPink$4.99
Baby B Gosh Romper12 MoRed/whit$4.99
Gymboree Shirt18/24 MoBlush Pi$4.99
Arizona Shirt14/16Orange$4.99
Old Navy PoloLargeNavy$4.99
What A Doll Shirt10/12Purple/b$4.99
Cherokee Romper0/3 MoBlue$4.99
Child Of Mine Short Set3/6 MoPink/nav$4.99
Carters Romper3 MoRed/whit$4.99
Carters RomperNewbornBlue$4.99
Gymboree Capris18/24 MoBlue/yel$4.99
Mudd Skirt10/12Navy/red$5.99
Old Navy Shorts14Gray$5.99
Route 66 Skirt16Denim$5.99
Old Navy Shorts8Fuschia$5.99
Penelope Mack Dress Set24 MoBlue/gre$5.99
Gymboree Shirt3tPurple$5.99
Adidas Top12 MoRed/blue$5.99
Chaps Shirt12 MoPink Str$5.99
Blueberi Blvd Dress18 MoOrange/w$5.99
American Living Cardigan16White$5.99
Place Cardigan Sweater7/8Pink$5.99
Carters Dress12 MoPink$5.99
Gymboree Skirt4Red/navy$5.99
Gymboree Skort4Multi St$5.99
Gymboree Skort6Red$5.99
Ponytails Skort4Navy$5.99
Real Skirt7/8Denim$5.99
Carters Dress12 MoWhite/pi$5.99
Gymboree Shirt4Black/wh$5.99
Old Navy Romper12/18 MoGreen/ye$5.99
Gymboree Shirt4Perwinkl$5.99
Mudd Shirt10/12Purple/p$5.99
Place Shorts10Purple/o$5.99
PS Aero Shirt12Gray/pin$5.99
Gap Kids Shirt10Lilac$5.99
So Shirt12Blue$5.99
So Shirt10Pink$5.99
Speedo Swimsuit14Pink/pur$5.99
Candies Swimsuit12Black/ye$5.99
One Step Up Shirt14/16Pink Str$5.99
Gap Kids Tee14/16Purple$5.99
Place Shirt14Red$5.99
Old Navy Shorts14Pink/tea$5.99
Gymboree Shirt10White$5.99
Gymboree Shirt10Navy$5.99
Old Navy Shorts10Pink Pla$5.99
Limited Too Shorts10Pink/ora$5.99
Mudd Shirt10/12Green$5.99
Gymboree Shirt10White$5.99
Gap Polo12Pink/gre$5.99
Justice Shirt10Pink/sil$5.99
Justice Shirt10Gray/pin$5.99
Gymboree DressLargeFloral$5.99
Old Navy Shorts10Orange/p$5.99
Carters Romper3 MoNavy$5.99
Janie & Jack Jeans18/24 MoWhite$5.99
Gymboree Skort7Light Pu$6.99
Gymboree Tutu3tTeal/pin$6.99
Gap Jeans Shorts7Denim$6.99
Gymboree Skort3Blue/bro$6.99
Speedo Swimsuit18Black/pu$6.99
Crazy 8 Dress7/8Yellow/o$6.99
Crazy 8 Dress7/8Navy/whi$6.99
Old Navy Dress3tPink$6.99
Kidzone Dress4tPink/gra$6.99
Boutique Rompre12 MoWhite/bl$6.99
Speedo Swimsuit10Purple$6.99
Knitworks TopLargeBrown Pl$6.99
Justice Top16Pink/whi$6.99
Gymboree Shorts10White$6.99
Gap Kids Cropped Jeans10Denim$6.99
So Dress10Purple$6.99
Justice Dress10/12Black/mu$6.99
Chaps Romper6 MoRed/blue$6.99
Little Lass Baby Capris S3/6 MoCoral/wh$6.99
Nautica Romper12 MoBlue/whi$6.99
Ralph Lauren Shorts12Red/gree$7.99
Old Navy Dress7Pink Flo$7.99
Southern Sunshine Dress24 MoRgeen/pu$7.99
Carters Dress12 MoWhite$7.99
Dress Set12 MoGreen/pi$7.99
Xhiliration DressLargeWhite/bl$7.99
Justice Gown12Sky Blue$7.99
Gap Kids Dress8Purple/b$7.99
Crazy 8 Dress3tGold/ivo$7.99
Bon Bebe Dress3tNavy/whi$7.99
Youngland Dress3tPurple F$7.99
Baby Gap Romper12/18 MoFloral$7.99
Old Navy DressLargePink Pri$7.99
Abercrombie Kids SkirtLargeIvory$7.99
Little Lass Short Set6 MoYellow/b$7.99
Matilda Jane Shorts12Brown Pr$8.99
Izod Dress2tPink/whi$8.99
Abercrombie Capris14Denim$8.99
Gap Kids Skirt14/16Pink Flo$8.99
Gymboree Skirt10Denim$9.99
Gymboree Skirt10Denim$9.99
Gap Kids Skirt10Pink$9.99
Real Love Dress6xYellow/w$9.99
Lands End Dress7/8Pink/blu$9.99
Old Navy Dress10/12Navy/flo$9.99
JK Khaki Dress2tBlue/pur$9.99
Miniwear Dress Set18 MoPink$9.99
Me Tood Ress6Sea Prin$9.99
Youngland Dress4tPink/blu$9.99
Aryeh DressLargeBrown$9.99
My Michelle Dress12Black/wh$9.99
Hype Dress12Brown/gr$9.99
Disorderly Kids Dress10Black/wh$9.99
SO Dress14Pink/ora$9.99
Bonnie Jean Dress10Brown$9.99
Gymboree Dress7/8Navy/red$11.99
By & By Girl Dress12Black$11.99
IN Girl Dress16Pink/bla$11.99
Gymboree Dress10Pink/whi$11.99
Jessica Ann Dress10Floral$11.99
Justice Dress10Pink/bla$11.99
Jessica Ann Dress10Red/whit$11.99
Gap Kids Dress10Pink/bro$11.99
J Khaki DressMedRed Prin$11.99
NWT Adore Dress5/6Peach$13.99
Gymboree Dress3tPink$13.99

Girls Plus

Arizona Shirt18.5Teal$4.99
Old Navy Shirt16 PlusGray$4.99
NWT Total Girl Shirt2xWhite$6.99


Disneyland ShirtMedOlive$4.49
Charlotte Russe Tank TopSmallTaupe$4.49
Charlotte Russe TopXLGray$4.49
Maurices Tank TopXSWhite$5.99
Almost Famous ShirtSmallOrange$5.99
Mudd ShirtMedPink$5.99
Derek Heart ShirtSmallNavy$5.99
Maurices Tank TopSmallNavy$5.99
Intu Tank TopSmallWhite$5.99
Shes Cool TopSmallGiraffe$5.99
Hollister ShirtXSWhite$5.99
Hynotik ShirtSmallWhite$5.99
Love On A Hanger ShirtSmallPink$5.99
Papermoon ShirtLargeNavy$5.99
Hollister Tank TopLargeNavy$5.99
Hollister TeeLargeGreen$5.99
Decree ShirtSmallBurgundy$6.99
Daytrip TopMedBlack/gr$6.99
Maurices ShirtXSNeon$6.99
Hollister TopXSWhite$6.99
Rewind ShirtSmallAqua/blu$6.99
Arizona SkirtXSMint/nav$6.99
Aeropostale Midi Shorts000Denim$6.99
Copper Key Shorts3Teal$6.99
SO Shorts0Denim$6.99
Pink Rose ShirtSmallBlue/whi$6.99
Eyeshadow ShirtLargePink$6.99
Areve ShirtSmallBlack$7.99
Maurices Capris1/2Denim$8.99
GB PantsXSMint/pin$8.99
Rewind DressSmallNavy/ivo$13.99


Duo TopSmallBlack/wh$6.99


Kathy Ireland TopSmallBeige$4.49
A Glow Tank TopMedBlack/wh$4.99
Old Navy Tank TopSmallNavy$4.99
Old Navy Tank TopSmallBlush/wh$4.99
Motherhood Tank TopSmallGray Str$4.99
Old Navy Tank TopSmallBlack$4.99
Motherhood Tank TopSmallPink$4.99
Motherhood Tank TopSmallDark Pin$4.99
Old Navy Tank TopSmallPink$4.99
A Pea In The Pod ShirtLargeGreen$5.99
Motherhood ShirtLargeBrown$5.99
Liz Lange TopLargeBlack/pi$5.99
Motherhood ShirtLargeBlack/wh$5.99
Old Navy ShirtMedBrown$5.99
Motherhood Tank TopMedBlue$5.99
Motherhood Tank TopMedOrange/g$5.99
Liz Lange SkirtLargeBlack/pi$5.99
Times Two Tank TopMedWhite$5.99
Liz Lange TopMedBlack$5.99
Two Hearts Tank TopMedNavy/whi$5.99
Old Navy SweaterSmallCoral St$5.99
Motherhood Tank TopSmallMagenta$5.99
Liz Lange Tank TopXXLOff Whit$5.99
A Glow Tank TopMedBeige/bl$5.99
Two Hearts Maternity ShirLargePink Flo$6.99
Motherhood ShirtLargeBeige/bl$6.99
Old Navy TopMedBlack/wh$6.99
Two Hearts Maternity TopMedGreen/bl$6.99
Motherhood ShirtMedBrown/pi$6.99
Liz Lange TankiniMedBlue Pri$6.99
Motherhood Halter TopMedBrown/re$6.99
Old Navy SkirtXSDenim$6.99
Duo ShirtSmallDenim$6.99
Motherhood TankiniSmallBlue$6.99
Duo PoloSmallTan$6.99
Duo Shirt SetXLDark Tea$6.99
Motherhood ShirtXLBlack/pi$6.99
Motherhood Shirt2xRed/whit$6.99
Lavish Maternity ShirtXLGreen$6.99
Oh Baby TopLargeFloral$7.99
Motherhood ShirtLargeBlack$7.99
Oh Baby TopMedPurple F$7.99
Motherhood ShortsLargeDenim$7.99
Two Hearts Skirt2xDenim$7.99
Motherhood Sheer TopMedBlack/wh$7.99
Motherhood TopSmallPurple$7.99
Tomorrows Mother DressXLGray/whi$9.99
Duo DressSmallBlack$9.99
Liz Lange DressXSDark Blu$11.99
Old Navy DressSmallBlack$11.99
Motherhood DressMedPink$13.99
Liz Lange DressXXLBlack$13.99
Motherhood DressSmallBeige/wh$13.99
Motherhood Short SetXLPink/whi$14.99
Motherhood DressLargePink$14.99
Motherhood 2 Pc SwimsuitSmallBlack/wh$14.99
Motherhood DressSmallBlue$14.99
Two Hearts DressSmallPink$15.99
Motherhood DressMedGreen$16.99


Croft & Barrow ShirtLargeSalmon$6.99
Tommy Hilfiger PoloLargeGreen$7.99
Adidas ShirtLargeWhite$8.99
Cutter & Buck PoloLargeBlue$9.99
Calvin Klein PoloLargeSlate Bl$9.99
Nike Pro Golf PoloLargeBlue/bla$9.99
Adidas PoloLargeBlack$9.99
Nike Team PoloMedGreen$9.99
Brooks Brothers ShirtLargeGreen Pl$11.99
Daniel Cremiuex PoloLargeIvory$11.99
Roundtree & Yorke ShirtMedBurnt Or$11.99


Jockey Tank TopMedWhite$4.49
Bobbie Brooks ShirtXLPink$4.99
Merona Tank TopSmallBrown$4.99
Emmas Closet Tank TopMedBrown$4.99
Cato Tank TopLargeYellow$4.99
Notations Tank TopMedBlack$5.99
Hampshire Studio RuffledMedOrange/b$5.99
Sonoma TopLargeOrange$5.99
Apt 9 Tank TopMedFuschia$5.99
Cocomo Tank TopMedBlack/wh$5.99
New York & Co Ruffled TanLargeBlack/gr$5.99
Worthington ShirtXLCarribea$5.99
Old Navy ShirtLargeBlack$5.99
Talbots Tank TopXSBlue$6.99
Ralph Lauren PoloXSGreen$6.99
Rxb ShirtXLGreen$6.99
Ruby Rd Top12Lace$6.99
Multiples ShirtMedYellow$6.99
Talbots Tank TopLargeBrown$6.99
Chicos Tank Top2Pink$6.99
212 Collection Tank TopSmallGold/pur$6.99
Cable & Gauge Tank TopMedBlue/gre$6.99
Creative Apparal TeeLargeBlue$6.99
Talbots Tank TopMedPurple$6.99
Ann Taylor Loft Tank TopSmallBeige$6.99
Worthington TopSmallBlack$6.99
Maurices TopMedPink$6.99
Cable & Gauge ShirtLargeWhite$6.99
New York & Co ShirtLargePurple P$6.99
Talbots PoloSmallBrown$7.99
Talbots PoloSmallLight Gr$7.99
Talbots ShirtSmallFloral$7.99
Umgee TunicSmallTeal$8.99
The Limited Cassidy Fit P2Heather$8.99
Chicos Tank Top2Red/whti$8.99
NYDJ Capris8Blue/whi$9.99
Chicos Design Pants10White$9.99
Chicos Capris1Black$9.99
American Eagle Shorts4Denim$9.99
American Eagle Shorts6Denim$9.99
Jody Maxi SkirtSmallAztec Pr$9.99
Tommy Hilfiger Skirt4Denim$9.99
The Limited Skirt4Dark Ora$9.99
Old Navy Dress6White$11.99
NWT Ny Collection TopSmallBrown/pi$11.99
Old Navy DressLarge TallGreen/wh$11.99
Brendas DressMedBlue/gre$11.99
NWT The Limited ShirtLargePurple$11.99
NWT Sis Sis PantsMedRoyal Bl$13.99
OBR JacketXSYellow$13.99
NWT Chicos Tank Top2Silver/g$19.99

Misses Petites

Croft & Barrow TopMed PetiteLight Pi$5.99
Apt 9 ShirtXS PetiteTeal Gre$6.99
Liz Claiborne Pants10 PetiteBeige$7.99
Ann Taylor Loft Pants6 PetiteDark Blu$8.99

Women Plus

Cato Top18/20 WPink/whi$5.99
Catherines Tank Top1xBlack$6.99
Ruby Rd Top18 WOrange/p$6.99
Tan Jay Jacket20 WGreen/pu$9.99
NWT Lane Bryant Tank28Bright P$11.99