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What We Do

We are a locally owned consignment store. We sell good, clean items with lots of life left in them for 25-50% of their original retail price. The items we sell are typically family clothing, home decor, jewelry, wedding dresses and formal wear.


Our two primary goals are to maintain a balance between selling great quality items at low prices while obtaining the highest price for our consignors’ merchandise.

Goal Accomplishment

We achieve our goals by putting high standards on the merchandise we accept. We expect consigned items to be freshly cleaned and ready for sale when brought to the store. We accept clothing in any size you can wear.

Organized & Clean

We take great pride in our store’s organization and cleanliness. All of our merchandise is clearly tagged with item description, price & barcode. Clothing is organized by type and size, discounts are clearly visible through-out the store and merchandise is placed in it’s appropriate place just like any retail store.


It’s somewhat common for a first time visitor to walk into the store, look around a bit and take out their cell phone to call friends and tell them about the great deals they found. When our shoppers and consignors tell us they heard someone speaking highly of our store while visiting another retail store, we take great reward in that.

Leading the Pack

While each consignment store in our region typically provides the same services in a slightly different way, Trendy Repeats is unique in two ways. The first is that we sell formal clothing year round. We maintain a large inventory of wedding and formal dresses. This has been so successful that we have a sister store next door that only sells new wedding and formal dresses and accessories. The second is that we were one of the first consignment stores in the nation to allow our consignors the ability to check their accounts online. Our consignors can easily check their accounts from the convenience of their computers or phones at any time to check their account balance.

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