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What is “Consignment”?

Consignment means to pay for goods after they’ve been sold. As a consignment store, we accept items brought to us for “consignment”. This means you receive a portion of the sale price after we’ve sold them. We do not buy items.

Decide What To Bring

    • Check your wardrobe for items you don’t plan to wear again. Clothing should be 2 to 3 years old.

Prepare The Items

      • Review the items to make sure they are worth investing time for consignment.
        • Clean – Freshly laundered clothing is easier to prepare and sell than non-laundered. We require any clothing you bring to us be clean. No stains, odors or tears.

Bring Them In

    • Once you’ve got your items laundered bring them to us. To ensure those items still have their freshly laundered appearance and still smell you are ready to bring them to us.We require clothing be brought to us in one of two ways:
      • On Hangers – This helps to keep your freshly laundered clothing free of wrinkles. If you need hangers stop by the store and we’ll give you some.
      • In Plastic Totes – We don’t accept items in bags. Totes must be 18 gallons or smaller. We return the totes to you after we’ve processed your items.


After we’ve processed your items you’ll be notified that we’ve completed this stage. You are asked to return to the store within 2-3 business days to pickup any totes or items we’ve rejected. If you prefer not to pickup rejected items a disposal charge is added to your account.


The final portion of the consignment process is the payment. When a consignor’s items are sold we split the sale price with our consignor 60/40. The store receives 60% of the sale price and the consignor is paid 40%. Consignors can receive their payment in two ways:

  1. Check – Payments made by check must be picked up in person. We do not mail checks.
    1. Sales of items are split with the consignor 60/40. The store receives 60% of the sale price and the consignor is paid 40%
    2. We issue checks ONLY on the 16th of each month. You must request a check to receive a check.
    3. Balance must be greater than $20. Balances under $20 will be paid once all your items have sold, at the end of the season or your account is closed.
  2. In-Store Credit – Consignors can use their balance as an in-store credit at any time.


The system we’ve described has been developed since 2001. Many of the facets of our system come from industry standards. However, ¬†while everyone, including ourselves, hate fees we’ve found that some consignors increase their level of cooperation with incentive. The following fees are disclosed in the contracts you’ll find under the “Forms” link.

  1. Steaming Fee – We charge a fee if we are required to steam your clothing. Steaming is required when clothing is wrinkled. We don’t sell wrinkled clothing because it violates our quality standards. Steaming takes a LOT of employee man-hours. If you are one of the consignors who prefers to NOT bring your clothing items in a wrinkle-free condition our store associates will steam those items for you. Your account will be charged. The amount charged varies depending on quantity and type of clothing requiring steaming.
  2. Disposal Fee – After we’ve processed your items we’ll notify you that we’ve completed the processing stage. At that time you are asked to stop by the store within 2-3 days and pickup your tote(s) and any items we chose to not accept. If you fail to pickup we dispose of the items and tote(s). We highly encourage our consignors to pickup tote(s) and any items we’ve refused so you can see what we’ve rejected and you can better choose what to bring us in the future. Many times consignors will miss stains, tears, rips, etc.. on clothing they’ve worn for months or years and the lighting in our processing room may be different from your home. Our staff is trained to look specifically for these quality deficiencies.