This list displays items that were put on the store floor within the past 3 days.

TIP: The abbreviation "NWT" means "new with tag".



Garanimals Shirt5tBlue$2.49
Garanimals Pants4tBeige$2.49
Garanimals Pants24 MoLight Gr$2.49
Wonder Nation Polo6/7White$2.99
Arizona ShirtMedBrown Ca$2.99
Wonder Nation Jeans2tDenim$2.99
Wonder Nation Shirt8Red/blac$2.99
Wonder Nation Shirt8Green/bl$2.99
Starter Shirt8/10Black$2.99
Wonder Nation Shirt8Black/gr$2.99
Athletic Works Sweatshirt8Gray/win$2.99
George Polo6/6xRed$3.49
Faded Glory Shirt6/7Red/gray$3.49
Old Navy Shirt5tRed/blue$3.99
Place Pajamas6Gray/red$3.99
Place Shirt5/6Blue$3.99
Osh Kosh Shirt6Red/navy$3.99
Faded Glory Jeans12Denim$3.99
Wonder Nation Shirt10/12Blue Che$3.99
Crazy 8 Shirt10/12Dark Gre$3.99
Urban Pipeline ShirtMedBlue/bla$3.99
Arizona Jeans Shirt10/12Gray/blu$3.99
Crazy 8 Shirt10/12Black$3.99
Red Head Shirt10/12Camo$3.99
Crazy 8 Shirt10/12Blue$3.99
Cat & Jack ShirtSmallGray/whi$3.99
Wonder Nation Jacket8Black/wh$3.99
Athletic Works Jacket8Blue$3.99
Star Wars Tee14Black$3.99
Arizona Shirt14/16Gray/blu$3.99
Old Navy Shirt14/16Gray$3.99
Sport Tek SweatshirtYouth SmalGray$4.99
Old Navy Classic Shirt6/7Wine Pla$4.99
Under Armour ShirtSmall YoutRoyal Bl$4.99
Old Navy Henley5tGray/gre$4.99
Sonoma Polo5/6Gray/bro$4.99
Place Fleece Pullover7/8Blue/red$4.99
Gymboree Shirt6Blue$4.99
Mustard Pie Shirt6White/br$4.99
Old Navy Classic Shirt6/7Teal/gra$4.99
Place Shirt7/8Beige Pl$4.99
Crazy 8 Pants7Gray$4.99
Place Hooded Shirt7/8Red/navy$4.99
Ralph Lauren Shirt3 MoNavy/whi$4.99
Minecraft Sweatshirt16/18Gray$4.99
Wrangler Pants12Black$4.99
Adidas TeeLargeRed$4.99
Old Navy Shirt10/12Black$4.99
Hawk ShirtMedGreen$4.99
Crazy 8 Shirt10/12Red Plai$4.99
Crazy 8 Shirt10/12Green/or$4.99
Reebok ShirtYouth LargNavy$4.99
Arizona ShirtMedBlue/whi$4.99
Osh Kosh Jacket8Black/gr$4.99
E Land Shirt8Blue$4.99
Old Navy Shirt8Denim$4.99
Class Club Shirt8Light Bl$4.99
Old Navy Shirt8Navy/win$4.99
Arizona ShirtSmallGray/bla$4.99
Canyon River Blues Shirt18/20Turquois$4.99
Ranger Pants18Camo$4.99
Gap Jeans5Gray$5.99
Lng Jeans5Black$5.99
Paper Denim & Cloth Shirt7Blue$5.99
Lee Jeans6 SlimDenim$5.99
Crazy 8 Vest7/8Navy$5.99
Place Polo7/8Red/navy$5.99
Van Heusen Shirt7Gray/bla$5.99
Hurley Jacket2tBlue/gra$5.99
Star Wars ShirtXLRed/gray$5.99
Old Navy Jeans12Denim$5.99
US Polo Assoc Shirt10/12Blue Pla$5.99
Jumping Beans Pullover8Gray/red$5.99
Old Navy ShirtXLBlue/whi$5.99
Class Club Shirt16Blue Pla$5.99
NFL Team SweatshirtMedNavy$5.99
Arizona Polo14/16Gray/blu$5.99
Old Navy Pants16Dark Gra$5.99
Lee Jeans16 SlimDenim$5.99
Place Jeans14Denim$5.99
Old Navy Pants14Beige$5.99
Ecko Pant Set7Red/gray$6.99
Epic Threads ShirtXLGray/whi$6.99
Lee Jeans18 SlimDenim$6.99
Lee Jeans18Denim$6.99
Class Club Pants12Beige$6.99
Daniel Cremieux Shirt12Tan$6.99
Tommy Hilfiger Pullover16/18Red/navy$6.99
Chaps ShirtLargeRoyal Bl$6.99
Urban Pipeline ShirtLargeNavy/gra$6.99
Urban Pipeline ShirtLargeNavy/yel$6.99
NWT Buffalo Bitten SweatsMedGray$6.99
Arrow Shirt10/12Light Gr$6.99
Ralph Lauren Polo8Black$6.99
Top Heavy JacketSmallBlue$6.99
Old Navy Shirt18Purple/n$6.99
Urban Up Shirt18/20White/re$6.99
Nautica Shirt14/16Red/navy$6.99
Class Club Shirt14Green/wh$6.99
Old Navy Classic Shirt14/16Blue Pla$6.99
Gap Kids Polo14/16Red/gray$6.99
Place Jeans14Denim$6.99
Urban Pipeline Jeans14Denim$6.99
Place Jeans14Denim$6.99
Place Jeans14Denim$6.99
Old Navy Pants18Gray$6.99
Levis Jeans18 HuskyDenim$6.99
Lands End Pants18 HuskyNavy$6.99
Old Navy Pants16Camel$6.99
Place Joggers16Light Gr$6.99
Wrangler Jeans16Denim$6.99
Chaps Pants10Navy$7.99
Calvin Klein Slim Fit Shi12Gray Str$7.99
Arrow Shirt12Navy Str$7.99
Chaps Shirt10Blue$7.99
Nautica Jacket10/12Blue$7.99
Ralph Lauren ShirtMedYellow/n$7.99
Gymboree JacketMedBurgundy$7.99
Gymboree VestXSDenim$7.99
Place Fleece Pullover14Navy$7.99
NWT Crazy 8 Polo14Brown$7.99
Levis Jeans14Denim$7.99
Chaps Pants16Gray$7.99
Chaps Shirt12Blue$8.99
Levis 514 Jeans14Denim$8.99
NWT Place Jeans16 HuskyDenim$8.99
Levis 550 Jeans12 HuskyDenim$9.99
Adidas JacketLargeBlack/re$9.99
Abercrombie HoodieLargeRed$9.99
NWT Levis 511 Pants8Beige$9.99
Old Navy JacketLargeDenim$9.99
NWT Timberland JacketLargeBlue$9.99
NWT Hawk PoloXLCharcoal$9.99
Columbia JacketLargeBlack$17.99


Carters Sleeper3 MoPink/whi$2.99
Crazy 8 Shirt6/12 MoNavy/whi$2.99
Baby Gap Shirt0/3 MoPink/whi$3.49
Place Leggings10Tan$5.99
Place Leggings8Tan$5.99
Place Leggings8Tan$5.99
Place Leggings10Tan$5.99
Place Leggings8Black$5.99
Place Leggings8Black$5.99
Place Leggings8Navy$5.99
Place Leggings8Navy$5.99
Place Polo10/12Light Bl$5.99
Place Polo10/12Yellow$5.99
Place Polo10/12Yellow$5.99
Place Polo10/12Pink$5.99
Place Polo10/12Navy$5.99
Old Navy Joggers10/12Charcoal$5.99
Athletic Pants14/16Clay$5.99
Old Navy Active Leggings8Gray Cam$5.99
Place Pants10Beige$6.99
Place Pants10Beige$6.99
Celebrity Pink Pants8Camel$6.99
Place Pants10Navy$6.99


Hanes Bra40 BWhite$4.49
Hanes BraXLGray$4.49
Tshirt Bra38 DApricot$4.49
Hanes BraXLWhite$4.49
Underwire Bra40 CPeach$5.99
Gloria Vanderbilt Bra38 DTaupe$5.99
Olga Bra38 CPink$6.99
Olga Bra38 CGray$6.99
Warners Bra38 CWhite$6.99
Prima Valentina Bra38 DWhite$6.99
Wacoal Bra38 CBlue$11.99
NWT Maidenform Sport Bra38 COrchid/g$14.99


Arrow SweaterSmallBeige/ta$9.99
LL Bean Pants34Navy$9.99
LL Bean Pants34Stone$11.99
Levis Jeans33x32Denim$11.99


Cure ShirtLargeWhite/bl$6.99
St Johns Bay CardiganXLGray/red$6.99
Worthington Skirt4Black/wh$7.99
Avon DressLargeBlue/bla$7.99
Worthington Skirt4Green$7.99
Details DressLargeBlack$9.99
Goddess DressLargeCamel/wh$9.99

Misses Athletic

Wild Fable PantsMedBlack$5.99
Majestic Thermabase ShirtSmallRed$7.99
Kyodan PantsSmallBlue$7.99
Momic PantsSmallBlack$7.99

Mother Of Bride

NWT Kate Unger Dress10Mocha$49.99
Ralph Lauren Dress12Navy$49.99
Ralph Lauren Formal12Raspberr$49.99
Al Loha Formal12Black$49.99
NWT Vince Camuto Dress8Navy$74.99
NWT Calvin Klein Formal10Ginger$74.99
NWT Coya Collection DressLargeLavender$74.99
NWT Vince Camuto Dress10Navy$74.99
NWT Ralph Lauren Dress12Black$74.99
NWT Ralph Lauren Dress12Purple$74.99
NWT Bill Levkoff12Camel$99.99
NWT Bill Levkoff Formal12Champagn$99.99
NWT Val Stefani Formal10Kiwi$99.99
NWT Love Formal14Blush$99.99
NWT Aidan Mattox Formal12Nude/bla$99.99
NWT Ralph Lauren Dress10Navy$99.99
NWT Serena London Dress14Navy$149.99

Special Occasio

Jump Dress1/2Pink/gra$19.99
City Studio Strapless Dre5Sky Blue$24.99
Sequin Hearts Dress0Blush$24.99
NWT BCX Dress1Seagreen$29.99
NWT BCX Dress5Periwnkl$29.99
Teeze Me Dress1Champagn$29.99
Morgan & Co Dress1/2Black$29.99
B Smart Dress5Black/wh$29.99
NWT Speechless Dress0Black/wh$34.99
NWT B Darlin Dress0Pink$34.99
NWT Ruby Rox Dress9Black$34.99
Jessica Mcclintock Formal3Black/aq$39.99
Dear Moon Dress3Silver$39.99
Blondie Nites Dress3Black/si$39.99
Crystal Doll Dress3Navy$39.99
NWT Laundry Dress12Black/wh$49.99
NWT Aiden Mattox Dress12Purple$49.99
NWT City Vibes Dress1Navy$49.99
Ralph Lauren Formal12Blue$99.99
Ralph Lauren Formal12Silver$99.99
NWT Davids Bridal Formal22Petal Pi$99.99
NWT Dave & Johnny Formal1/2Sky Blue$149.99
NWT Faviana Formal2Spearmin$149.99
NWT Faviana Formal6Purple$149.99
NWT Alyce Formal8Black/go$149.99
NWT Xscape Formal12Coral$149.99
Sparkle Formal8Sky Blue$149.99
NWT Faviana Formal12Emerald$149.99
NWT Disney Forever Enchan12Camel$199.99
NWT Panoply Formal4Egyptian$224.99
NWT Xtreme Formal4Red/silv$229.99
NWT Rachel Allan Formal12Red$249.99
NWT Faviana Formal8Purple$249.99
NWT Rachel Allan 2 Pc For6White/pu$249.99
NWT Precious Formals Form16 WFuschia$249.99
NWT Faviana Formal6Orchid/s$249.99
NWT Faviana Formal8Silver$249.99
NWT Terani Couture Formal12Aqua/nud$249.99
NWT Party Time Formal18 WPeacock/$299.99
NWT Love Ballgown10Black/pu$299.99
NWT Sherri Hill Ballgown16Yellow$299.99
NWT Sherri Hill Formal10Plum$299.99
Sherri Hill Formal14Black/pi$399.99

Speical Occasio

NWT Love Formal6Eggplant$249.99

Wedding Gown

NWT Lillian West Gown12Ivory$299.99

Young Men

Good Threads ShirtXSNavy$7.99